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Birthdate:Dec 13
Website:@ Wikipedia
Vital stats
Name: Philip J. Fry
Birthdate: August 9, 1974
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Brown
Physical age: Late 20s/Early 30s (see note on timelines)
Mental age: Debatable

Born in the late 20th century to a fairly average (if slightly odd) middle class family, Fry had a fairly contented childhood with his sports-obsessed mother, paranoid militaristic father, and older brother. A chronic underachiever who spent most of his school years playing video games and drinking his body weight in carbonated beverages, he lived a happily ambitionless life right up until the fateful New Year's Eve when a prank pizza delivery ended with his being cryogenically frozen and revived 1,000 years in the future.

Acclimating quickly to life in the year 3000, Fry resumed his role as delivery boy for his great-great-great-etc. nephew's package delivery company and continues to live a life relatively free of responsibility, but with a lot more robots, space travel and laser guns.

Personality and other notes
While Fry's immaturity and lack of intelligence are his most often mentioned features, he does have occasional moments of clear thought. He's highly impulsive and often self-centered, though he becomes less so as time passes. He has a lifelong love of science fiction that actually living in the future has done nothing to abate, and is specifically a huge fan of the original Star Trek series. Due to an accident involving time travel and mistaken identity, he's also his own grandfather.

Nerdy stuff
- Timeline notes
- Family tree
- Noteworthy episodes
- Favorite quotes
- Suggested listening

Disclaimer: Futurama belongs entirely to Matt Groening, The Curiosity Company, 30th 20th Century Fox, and the overeducated geniuses on the writing staff. This is a fictional journal for various fandom-based RPGs, and no copyright infringement or disrespect is intended. The player behind the curtains may be reached here.
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